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Cat Sitting of Oak Ridge and Clinton TN

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Trusted Tails is your one stop for all your pets needs! It is the only pet service that specializes in pet sitting services as well as professional private dog training in Clinton, and Oak Ridge. We can train dogs when the clients are not home as well. Our experience and certifications are well-respected, because pet owners appreciate our commitment to using only positive reinforcement training techniques, with no harsh training or electric collars, making training fun, long lasting, and effective! 

For more than 20 years, we have been proud to serve families, individual pet owners, business professionals and the elderly with our daily walk services, certified obedience training and convenient pet sitting services. We work with all types of pets and always assure your pet has fun and stays safe!

Why Choose us?

  1. We have over 20 years experience
  2. Certified, Bonded and Fully Insured
  3. Certified in Pet first aid and CPR.  
  4. In case of emergencies we have over 10  years experience as veterinary technicians
  5. Being that we are certified, professional, dog trainers as well, we understand canine language, making dogs feel more comfortable around us, and we can help with unruly behavior in a fun and safe manner when needed. 
  6.  We work all year, at no additional cost , including weekends, prime times, and holidays so we are here when you need us! 
  7. We are usually available for last minute, and there is no additional charge for that! 
  8. We accept cash, credit cards, paypal and checks.  
  9. Trusted Tails offers free consultations
  10. Quick to return questions or requests, usually within an hour. 
  11. You are assigned ONLY one dog walker! You will meet your dog walker and they will be the only one to enter your home, so you have safe, reliable and consistent service you can trust.

As professionals we are responsible, reliable, and have extensive knowledge in working with dogs and animals, as pet owners, we have passion and love for our clients pets as if they were our own. 

Our referrals, reviews, pictures, videos and testimonies speak volumes of our expertise! 

References available upon request

Call us with any questions, we are always here for you and your furry family members! 

Pet Sitters of Oak Ridge Tn
Cat Sitters of Oak Ridge and Clinton TN
Pet Sitters of Clinton Tn

Daily dog walking, Pet sitting, and Dog training services are available in the communities of Oak Ridge, Clinton, and surrounding areas.  Trusted Tails is bonded and insured with Pet Sitters Associates. 

Our services are available for appointment seven days a week and can be scheduled from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Call Trusted Tails Pet Sitting today at 865-227-0974 or send us an email at Trustedtails@yahoo.com.